Certified Scrum Master

I’ve been a Certified Scrum Master since 2015 following my course led by Martine Devos. Prior to this I have practised the values and principles of Agile since 2010 as a Developer.

My client list over that period has grown to over 25, resulting in multiple projects of ongoing development with each. Industries including Hospitality and Health have been prevalent but not exclusive, other areas include e-Commerce, Social Networks, Unique Start-ups, and internal projects.

I have delivered hundreds of iterations of products, starting in a hands on development role and naturally transitioning to management and delivery as a result of many successful and productive interactions with both technical and non-technical parties. My greatest strength is in keeping the focus of desired outcomes as the top priority, keen to have the difficult conversations to gain key information that steers the development in the right direction for stakeholders, and increase velocity of delivery by gaining the collective agreement of all involved.