Interpretor – Translator – Communicator

I interpret requirements, to translate into deliverables, to communicate to delivery teams.

My background as a Software Product Delivery Consultant and a wealth of experience employing Agile Principles makes me a valuable asset to your organisation saving you time and money in planning effective software delivery.

I specialise in translating business requirements from stakeholders into measurable requirements that all parties, from stakeholders down to delivery teams, can agree on as deliverables. This approach ensures expectations are clearly defined and estimations are accurate resulting in successful delivery.

A products outcome can be measured by the quality of the communication. I operate to facilitate the success of the team to deliver the desired outcome. I conduct the difficult conversations so that any bad news can be addressed at the earliest opportunity while there is room to manoeuvre.

Over the last 10 years I have worked closely with established high end global brands serving 100,000+ customers, including a £25m (9%) increase in annual revenue, as well as startups from inception including a resulting investment of £65m.

My style is calm and controlled, with an approach driven by adaptable core principles and mental models able to be applied to any business domain.


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