To Improve You Must Regularly Assess And Change

Waste is produced as a by-product of the effort that goes into delivering software. Like a vehicle working against wind resistance there is always room to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle to reduce waste in future. Vehicles are constantly evolving to sell more to consumers but also change because manufacturers recognise and are honest about where effort is being wasted.

Successful teams operate on a honour system whereby regular check-ins to reflect on past performance are conducted. In these check-ins there is a protected atmosphere for people to openly and honestly raise points and discuss opinions, this is an exercise designed to reduce the fear of repercussions of going against the grain in an effort to deliver a greater performance for the team and the larger organisation.

These check-ins consist of multiple difficult conversations that would otherwise be avoided by the majority. While new participants may find this approach uncomfortable initially, they typically warm to the bonding experience, realising that all participants have the same ultimate goal to further the team performance and deliver a higher quality product in the shortest period of time possible.

Teams where waste persists over weeks and months will find that they are missing an opportunity to be open and honest with each other and themselves to better the team and individuals performance.

Waste exists everywhere and will only grow if left unchecked.

A cell maintains a state comprised of costs and benefits to the cell, a balance ultimately designed to keep the cell alive. There is no change to the cell without the injection of energy. The injection of energy into a cell creates a turbulent environment for a period of time followed by a new maintained state. The new maintained state my be better or worse, but the important aspect of this interaction is embracing and challenging the injection of energy into the cell as an experiment to test if this change will bring a positive accepted version or a negative rejected version.

If you want to maintain a running distance time or a weight lifting personal best, you change nothing in what you have already been doing. If you want to improve you must change something. If you want to improve effectively, you reflect and assess all options before deciding on a specific targeted change. If you want to appreciate value from a change you must measure over a period of time to assess positive or negative value as a result of the change applied.

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