Will People Be Able To Make Gold Now?

Gold is a finite resource and hard to extract from the earth, that is why it is considered a good investment because nobody can just create more gold when they want to and inflate the market. Things might be changing though because a group of astrophysicists believe they have established how heavy elements like gold were created.

The current findings suggest that colliding neutron stars is what is required to forge such elements. So it makes sense to consider whether it is something to consider that in the near future some organisation could create a machine capable of simulating the natural process in a controlled manner that could forge gold artificially.

Causing an explosion at such a scale is clearly going to b e self defeating because it will most likely end everything for everyone, but what if the process was conducted on such a micro scale that only very fine quantities of gold could be “mined” at a time, gradually building to such quantities that would be viable in the economic market.

The cost would have to be offset against the price of gold in market and resulting inflation but the concept is interesting to consider. The process would be as laborious as mining for crypto currency, and would surely propel the scientific world into an industry of artificially creating elements we may one day find ourselves unable to procure from our surrounding environments.

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