10 Minute Workout Guaranteed To Give You A Better Body Without Breaking A Sweat

Forget about your pre-workout carb load or post-workout protein shake – you ain’t gonna need ’em. On your way to the gym, take a detour to the supermarket.

Grab a basket, not a trolley, this is a workout remember.

Head for the Fruit and Veg section and grab whatever you like the look of, maybe try something new even if you don’t know what it is – there’ll be someone on youtube cooking something with it.

Next stop is the meat section, unless you’re a vegetarian of course, and take your pick of lean meats.

Now grab some rice or pasta, some eggs too.

Raid the herbs and spices section, meat and vegetables are pretty dull on their own so spend some time working out what goes with what and you’ll benefit greatly in the flavour department.

Go to the checkout, avoid the alcohol section and the treats you normally frequent.

Leave the store and spend the week eating healthy food and losing weight.

Enjoy not missing the hunger pangs junk food causes to your meat vehicle, watch your body return to a normal shape, and maybe go to the gym if you fancy it – but it’s not required.

There, 10 minutes is all it takes to lose weight and you don’t even have to sweat for it.

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