Don’t Let Your Body Find Out It Is Dying

I heard this from Russel Brand on a podcast. From memory, he met a older man in a gym who was in great shape and during their conversation the older man said, “Don’t let your body find out it is dying.”, what a way to put it.

Always be mobile, exert yourself, challenge your body (and mind). It’s easy to slip into sedentary lifestyle and quickly fall out of shape, it’s hard to get yourself back into shape so why make that hill harder to climb.

There’s a lot to say about Working Smarter, but in the gym there is no escaping the fact that Hard Work Pays Off. You can train smart in your strategy but frankly achieving a high level of physical wellbeing is hard and with that comes work, which is in itself hard. The rewards are worth the effort.

Work Hard and Don’t Let Your Body Find Out It Is Dying

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