You Can’t Write All The Time

I’ve started a blog a few times in the past and eventually ran out of steam, sometimes quickly and sometimes over a reasonable period of time. Maybe it was that I didn’t have enough to share, and maybe it was because I felt like an imposter to be contributing to a blog regularly. There is the other factor of finding the time to sit down and write, but I think there is a case for taking a break to consume information so you can form your own thoughts on a topic.

I don’t have a problem with topics for writing on this blog, I have 30 other topics to write on and that list grows faster than I can publish completed posts. Some are born from overheard conversations or the offhand remark with a friend/colleague, and other times it is a conversation I have had so many times before that I want to write my thoughts out in a cohesive way so that when someone asks me in future and I don’t have the energy to contribute but the want to put my point across, I can just say “I wrote an article on this very topic, please read and get back to me”, how bloody obnoxious would that be!

The answer is pretty obnoxious and I hope I don’t come across that way. Frankly I know there is a ton of content being put out daily and my meandering thoughts are hardly going to win me an award. I don’t mind if nobody reads any of this, it’s just a good outlet for me, and if by chance another soul gains something to help shape their own opinions by reading here then I would see that as a bonus.

I haven’t written anything in about a week maybe, I haven’t checked really and that’s ok with me. I don’t want to get hung up on how often I post or how long of a posting streak I can achieve, these are vanity metrics and I have no time for them. I’ve been spending my time reading more lately, I have a few books on the go at the moment and I might go deeper into each as I finish them. Surely You Must Be Joking, Mr. Feynman is nearly complete and I’ve found some relieving insights from a very intelligent man that I can take into my home and work life, I’m particularly enjoying the topics related to students ability to memorise for exams but learn nothing of a subject that can be used in the real world – it’s not what you read, it’s how you read.

I’m also reading American Gods. I know the series is available to binge but I have decided I would rather read the book first because I rate Neil Gaiman as a writer. I’ve watched a few films and then read the books afterwards with varying levels of joy and pain when it came to comparing. I’m not in a rush to consume the information and get my opinion out there, so I settle in for the long road of reading and enjoying the book. I don’t need to write every day, it is a wise approach to listen more than you speak and the same holds true for reading and writing.

If you’re thinking about writing and getting your thoughts out there, don’t trouble yourself with the pressures of constantly putting out content. Quality is more important that quantity, this includes beer despite what other schools of thought might sell.

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