Educational Maturity

I didn’t excel in school or college, I used to just think that I wasn’t smart and it seemed that no matter how much harder I studied my grades would never reflect my efforts. Maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough or I was lazy, and maybe I was just not ready yet to throw myself into learning.

I look back on my school days and appreciate now that at the time I was not mature in a childish sense, but also intellectually. I didn’t read out of choice, I had computers and board games and the outside world to occupy my time, it didn’t matter what the weather was like either. Reading was the last thing on my mind, I did enough of that at school or at least I felt like I did.

I think if I read at home and at school I would have burned out but who knows, that might just be an excuse. I know now that I make a clear divide between my work time and my home time. It helps me to organise my time and my mind. I read more now than I ever have because I appreciate the value of learning and bettering myself in my work and in my self.

I’m not a huge fan of the traditional education system because it assumes everyone matures at the same time and rate, but in reality there is a clear divide between those that learn better early in life and those who take time to mature into it. I matured into it in my late teens, too late to affect my past grades, but maybe that was a blessing in disguise because I have an enjoyment of it that I might not have had I been engorged when I was younger.

I learn smarter now that I am older, I appreciate that I only have a limited number of years to do it and so I choose my materials more carefully. It is like when you see a child climbing a tree without fear and realise you have grown up and now have the necessary presence of mind to appreciate the dangers and the impact on your body and life if you were to fall from that tree. I don’t waste my time reading material I am not getting value from and I will often start learning a subject or reading a book only to put it down because I no longer have the enthusiasm.

It reminds me of the ‘best exercise to do’, is the exercise you are willing to do. You want to do the minimum possible to get fit and strong and want to know where your efforts are best placed. The answer is the exercise you are willing to do. No 2 exercises give the same benefit, some are harder than others and less appealing. If you enjoy cycling, go ride a bike. If you enjoy push ups, do push ups. If you want to climb rocks, go climb a rock. If you want to learn something to make a living from, pick something you are interested in and leave the dull topics behind. Experience and maturity has served you well so far and you now have the control to learn whatever you like, without being restricted to an institutions “variety” of subjects.

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