Don’t Pay For SEO

I’ve watched people sell their SEO services for years now, I have heard all about the magic tricks people are saying they can perform to get you to the top of Google (other search engines are available) and frankly they are over-selling it.

I can get you to the top of Google for [insert trade] in your [insert small village] but that is something you can do with just 2 pieces of knowledge. You can pay hundreds or even thousands for someone to do something that will be described in such a way that it is beyond you to understand but frankly they would be BSing you so don’t believe a word.

Google is a HUGE company and they employ thousands of highly paid engineers that know MUCH more about the internet than any freelancer or agency. Anyone who tells you they can do better than another company is a liar and even more than that, you can do better on your own.

Rule number 1 is Be Relevant.

This can be text, images, and videos. Anything that Google will deem relevant to a given search term will land in search results, yes they are highly unlikely to land on page 1 but this is just the start. No tricks required, just write content around a subject and you’ll be considered relevant, the more content you produce on a subject the more relevant you will be considered. There are no tricks here, Google provides you with the most relevant result when you search for something and that is the way you want it. If Google served you preferred but less relevant content you would stop using Google. Your target customers will be served relevant content and if you provide relevant content you will rank highly, it really is that simple.

Rule number 2 is Be Respected.

This one is a little more difficult but no less accessible. Respect comes from links, you want to be linked to by other highly relevant and respected websites. Most companies will tell you how they will backlink from highly ranked websites but frankly they are just back linking from websites designed just to back link to their customers websites so they can point to a number and show you how many websites you are linked to – it’s worthless. Remember all those highly paid Google engineers, they are writing complex algorithms that make these tricks worthless and in some cases dangerous for you as a website owner.

What you need to do is contact website owners of related material and propose a link swap, where you link to their website and they link back to you. Get in touch with journalists that will be willing to write an article on your behalf an back link to your website in the article. You get the picture, it is not beyond your ability as a website owner to grow your respectability so just put the effort in to do the work and save yourself the money.

SEO is easy money, it is considered beyond most people to learn effectively but that is a lie. I could get you from zero to as good as anyone else in less than a day. I guarantee it.

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