I Am The Great Pretender

I’m a proud pretender, I faked it and sometimes I even got to the point where I made it. I wasn’t born with the ability to learn a topic, or perform an action, I had a head start in nothing. What I did have was opportunity, from the start I was born into a stable family and stable country, these facts enabled me to be educated in a proper school, followed by a college (or 2) but no university.

I didn’t really make the most of school and I think this was a little to do with a lack of maturity and some part was to do with the reading list required in formal education institutions. It wasn’t that the resources were not valuable, I have read many of them since without needing to. It was more the ability to choose to read a book or study a topic, since leaving college I have read more per year than I did in my formative years.

Some of my friends and family consider me a voracious reader, but I don’t feel like I read as much as people think I do – or maybe relative to my friends and family I do read a lot more. I love reading, I used to try to speed read and I had some success but frankly I didn’t absorb the information nearly as well as normal reading. So I reverted to just reading normally, for the pleasure of consuming information at my own pace and taking the time to digest what I have learned and not worry about my looming mortality.

I am not a self made learner however, I have not done all of this by myself and it is only through standing on the shoulders of giants that I have known where to look and what to do and where to go next. This may be coming across as grandiose but it goes without saying that I am not exceptional. My point is that nothing is out of reach and you will have times where you feel like you are trailing well behind your peers and never going to cross the threshold that signifies your arrival. Nobody can say they have always been good at this or that, they were once a pretender learning their craft and the best of them were humble enough to admit to themselves when they needed to work on something and even more humble when they spoke with a peer and confided their want to improve, and the superiority of that peer as a key interest to help one improve.

Being humble is the key to being a great pretender, being good at something starts with being a great pretender.

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