Following on from my minimal possessions post I am currently sitting in an airbnb rental in the countryside of the Cotswolds. Over the last 24 hours I have seen more livestock than cars. The rental is an annex on a farm, the owners are in the property we are attached to. Our living area is very cosy and consists of a a fully functioning kitchen, small bedroom with double bed and accompanying en suite bathroom.

Interestingly every piece of furniture is antique and for sale, not a bad way to sell on the extra furniture you own. There is a TV, which we don’t intend to use, and Wifi, which we will be using sparingly, the silence is pleasant and the views from our window of the rolling countryside (even in the rain) are great.

The important thing to appreciate here is that we don’t need extra stuff to enjoy life, both of us packed a single backpack with clothes, wash bag, and e-readers. We brought the dog too so we get out on nice long walks (no matter the weather) and cosy up afterwards with our pack and a good read.

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